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Cosplay Eyes

When creating a cosplay most people are very picky and particular on using accessories. There are certain accessories that are pretty much mandatory when cosplaying certain characters. Colored contacts and costume contacts are one of those accessories. For cosplay eyes, whether it be a character from Naruto or if you decide to cosplay Selene from Underworld, you’re going to eventually need to purchase some colored contacts to fill the part. It is important to do some research when selecting which contacts will work out for you specific cosplay. To help you out we have created an infographic shown below, hopefully it can give you some insight on what to look for when selecting which contacts to get.

Enjoy and remember to always do research when selecting cosplay contacts or any other cosplay accessories for that matter. For example if you research Naruto eyes, Sharingan contacts will most likey come up in your search results. This is not only great because your research helped you figure out which type of contacts to get. This also cuts your time in half trying to figure out what contacts go best with which Naruto character. If you get it right the first time then you can save yourself the extra stress and money.

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