The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

Colored contacts for dark eyes

Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

We get many questions on which of our colored contacts works best for darker eye color. We created this article which contains product videos to help you decide for yourself which colors are truly best for dark eyes. Below is a top 2 color split up between each color group. Here are some of our best colored contacts for dark eyes.


-Emerald Green- This is probably the strongest out of all of the greens we carry. It is a 1 tone, which usually shows up the most.

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-Evergreen- This green is a 2 tone green. It tries to blend in with your natural color so it doesn’t pop out as much. This green is still very visible but is definitely more subtle than the Emerald Green

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-True Sapphire- True Sapphire is much like the Emerald Green because it is also a 1 tone blue. This is the strongest blue we have. Many people prefer for the color to pop as loud as possible so this one is a customer favorite.

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-Ocean Blue- This shade of blue is a 2 tone. Although it blends nicely with natural color eyes, it seems to pop almost as much as the true sapphire.

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-Scarlet- This color is very beautiful if you are going for the purple or violet look. It almost looks as it has a hint of lavender when they are worn.

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-Sweet Violet- This is the first 3 tone we have listed. We usually don’t list 3 tones much for darker eyes because they really try and make your eyes look natural with the contacts on. However, since we are dealing with a non natural color we decided this one looks really good on dark eyes.

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-Hazel- This is the only hazel that really shows up well with darker eyes. Pure Hazel will try and blend too much with super dark eyes and it won’t be as noticeable.

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-Sugar Gray- This is another 3 tone. We think it looks really good on dark eyes. See for yourself.

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-Gray- This is a 1 tone gray. Very powerful and pops like all of the other 1 tones do.

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Now that you have an idea of how some of our colors look on darker eyes we hope your selection process can be much more smooth and stress free. Many online catalogs do not help you find the right colored contacts for dark eyes so hopefully this article can guide you in the correct direction. There are several other colors that look good with darker eyes we just selected some of our customers favorites. Most of all of our colored contacts have product videos so go see for yourself which ones you really love. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you light eyed people. We will be posting an article next week on which contacts work best with light eyes.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

  1. Fatima says:

    I absolutely love my coloured contacts- I recently purchased the ocean blue and everyone has commented how amazing my eyes look! I like experimenting, so today I purchased the true sapphire- I’m sure I’ll love them equally!

  2. Frazzle Dazzle says:

    Hello Fatima 🙂 We are glad you Love your contacts. We are working diligently with the manufacturer to come up with new colors and designs. Any other products you’d like to see on MAE?

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