Black Contacts Make for Great Cosplays

When people are first starting out cosplaying they have a hard time figuring out which character to cosplay. Many times the character they initially want to choose doesn’t end up being who they cosplay due to not having the correct materials or accessories to create the costume. We will be doing a a series of blogs that helps you the cosplayer, figure out which contacts go best with which characters. Today’s tip is black contacts.

Black Contacts Examples

Jorougomo from xxxHolic

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Black Contacts


So this character looks like you would need the black out sclera lenses. These lenses actually black out your entire eye. There is no part that will not be black. Sclera lenses are much pricier than regular black contacts. They average from anywhere from $80-$160 depending on the retailer.


Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

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black contacts naruto


You can get away with using the standard black out contacts with this character. The price range for standard black contacts is $20-$50 a pair. This is for sure the cheapest route to go if you want to do a character with black eyes.


Sunako Kirishiki

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black contacts sclera

 For sure you would need to use the sclera lenses for this character. Sunako’s eyes are perfect with the sclera lenses and I don’t think there would be any possible way for you to pull off the standard black contacts with this one.

 We have reviewed some different characters that you can use black contacts with. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of which cosplays to use the standard black contacts with and which to use the sclera contacts with. If you don’t select the right black contacts it could mess your entire cosplay up. Stay tuned for next week’s blog going over which cosplays to use red contacts with.

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