Red Contacts & When to Use Them

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So last week we discussed when it was appropriate to use regular black contacts vs sclera black lenses. Today we will discuss the same topic but we will go over red contacts and some variations of red contacts. We will also give some examples of some characters to cosplay with red contacts.

Red Contacts 101

Red contact lenses actually have much more of a variety when it comes to selection than any other solid color lenses. For example, if you were to cosplay the Naruto characters then almost every eye color would be red with a design in it. There are purple lenses as well in the sharingan collection but I believe it is only the one swirly design. Many people use red cat contacts for Halloween with their costumes. The sclera lenses aren’t as popular when it comes to red contacts, they are more for the black out and white out lenses. Let’s go over some examples with pictures of what I am talking about.


Image Examples

Death Note, Shinigami Eyes

Red contacts Shinigami Eyes
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The story behind the red contacts in this character is really cool. Shinigami gives humans “Shinigami Eyes” in exchange of half the human’s remaining lifespan. This is the closest character I could find to use the sclera lenses for. As you can see in the image there still is a good amount of white you can see in her eyes.


Karuga, Inyuasha

Red contacts Kagura
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With this character you would definitely use the regular red contact lenses. The scleras would not work for this specific cosplay.


Black Lady, Sailor Moon


Again, you would simply use the regular red contacts for this character as well. During researching red sclera lenses what I mostly found were demon character cosplays that used them.


As stated in the previous article on black contacts, the two main differences in regular contacts and sclera are of course the size coverage of the eye and the price. If you can save a good amount of money and your cosplay doesn’t call for the coverage stick with the regular lenses. Don’t over think your cosplays and go with your gut instinct.


We will be going over the white lenses for our next article. There are some pretty cool designs such as: Blind contacts & Manson lenses. Stay tuned.




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