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So we all know there are main physical attributes that you have to get down to pull off an amazing cosplay. The two main topics are always hair and eyes. Costume wigs and colored contacts can fix that issue really quickly. Furthermore, these attributes stand out the most because most cosplays have very distinctive physical traits.  For example if you were to cosplay Selene from the Underworld series then you would know that you need short black hair with glowing blue eyes. Storm from X-Men which we mention a lot on our blog, is a cosplay that cannot be done unless you have the white wig along with the white eyes.

Choosing a costume wig shouldn’t be too difficult considering you have many photos of the characters to go off of so even if the wig doesn’t match perfect you can possibly alter the wig to match much closer. Youtube is our best friend with anything DIY and when it comes to costume wigs it is a life saver. Lets go over some cool tips and tricks when modifying some cosplay wigs.

Costume Wigs DIY Videos

Pony Tail Wig

Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. You cannot use this to do more than one ponytail, otherwise it’ll pull the hair apart and show the wefting and your real hair underneath the wig.
2. The wig she’s using is Arda Silky Luthien in Carnation
3. You can use this for a ponytail in any position – higher, lower, or to the side as long as you’re careful with brushing!
Video Credit: Socksy Cosplay, Youtube


Sombra Wig Styling


Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. This tutorial will show you how to style a wig for Sombra from overwatch
2. The wig was bought locally in South Africa
3. This is a complete wig modification
Video Credit: Kinpatsu, Youtube


Yarn Wig Tutorial


Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. This tutorial will show you how to make a wig from scratch. Complete DIY.
2. Materials needed: Surface to brush yarn, Wire brush, Needle & Thread, Scissors, Weaving cap, 100% Acrylic Yarn, and a Straightener
3. Talk about DIY. The end product was the bees knees!
Video Credit: Kinpatsu, Youtube



Rather than pull your actual hair out, shoot over to Youtube to check out many more tutorials on altering cosplay or costume wigs. As a result of reading this article you should now have an idea or at least a sense of direction when it comes to doing DIY wigs. Most of all, your knowledge of costume wig selection has grown even if it is by a small margin. If you only take one thing from this article it should be that costume wigs are a must. While you can modify your actual hair and make it look the hair of the cosplay you are doing, remember that it is only for this event or season you are doing the cosplay.


In conclusion, even though these video tutorials are top notch, I always encourage cosplayers to put their own little twist on whatever part of the cosplay they create themselves. In addition, creating a cosplay that looks exactly like everyone’s version is boring. Consequently, this can sometimes pull you away too far from what the actual character looks like. In my humble opinion art has no boundaries so if it takes you far away from what the cosplay is “supposed” to look like then I say follow your heart. Either way you will be happy with the result in the end with this thought process.


Youtuber’s Info by order of videos:

1. Socksy Cosplay:

2. Kinspatsu:

Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –…

3. Kind of Derp:

Derp’s Tumblr:
Derp’s instagram: http://instagram/derpkind#

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