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Contest for Free Colored Contacts

Okay, so every year we usually throw a contest for a chance to win a free pair of contacts from our website. Usually, it has more to do with sharing our website a certain number of times to qualify. This time, we want to see your cosplay skills and showcase them for the world to see! We deal with well known cosplayers that actually get paid to travel to various conventions and some of them we have actually sponsored in the past. What makes them so much more skilled than you, the average cosplayer? I think many of you guys can hang with some on these “celebrity” cosplayers. Let’s show the world what you guys are made of and who knows, it could spark something inside of you to take your cosplays to the next level!


First, we will go over some of our past cosplayers whom we’ve sponsored here so you have a feel of the level of expertise that they have. Next, we will show you some of our customers who have submitted and won a couple of our past contests. Finally, we will go over the rules of this contest. The coolest thing about this contest is we are going to pick a winner per country as long as there are enough submissions from each respective country. Then, for the second part of the contest, we will have a show down among all the finalists!  The Grand Prize will go to the best cosplayer in the world! I guess you could sort of call it a street fighter of cosplay. That being said, lets get started.


Past Celebrity Cosplayers We’ve Sponsored

Soni Aralynn- Zelda Cosplay

Magicangeleyes cosplayer

Photo Credit:

This girl is amazing! I have personally seen her cosplay career take off in the last year. She is based out of Georgia and is requested to travel all over the world. In addition to her being an amazing cosplayer, she is an amazing person as well. As you can see from her cosplay, she puts a lot of time and effort into her creation. She actually made this outfit herself!


Brittany Bliss AKA Brit Bliss

Photo credit:

Brit Bliss was another cosplayer we loved sponsoring. It was a brief sponsorship, but she was really cool and easy to work with. This beauty hails from the state of Ohio, and I believe, was a Buckeye at one point. Beauty and brains, can’t beat that!.


Past Customer Contest Winners

x men cosplay

halloween contacts


These were the latest winners for our Halloween costume contest. They both received a free pair of Costume contacts and their costumes were amazing.


Rules are Rules are Rules are Rules


Okay, so lets get down to the skinny shall we? Here are the rules to the contest.

  • Submissions

All submissions must include the following in order to qualify:

-Two different pictures of your cosplay, your name & location, and a brief history about yourself and how you got involved with cosplay.

-Share this article! We would like to pick a winner for each country that has submissions. In order for the country to be qualified, we need to have at least a minimum of 10 submissions per country. This gives us a chance to be fair and judge for effort and precision. So the easiest way to qualify your country so you can submit your entry is to share the mess out of this article!  Once we receive the minimum amount of submissions for your country, we will notify you that your submission is now qualified for the contest. We will run a world champion cosplayer contest in June. All of the winners from each country will be able to submit one more cosplay submission. Send all submissions to

  • The Dates

This contest will run from 1/12/2017 through 2/12/2017 and submissions after the last date listed will not qualify. Winners will be announced on 2/22/2017. The dates for the world cosplay contest will be announced when the winners are announced for this contest.

  • The Prize

The winners for each country involved will receive 3 free pairs of our costume lenses ($75 Value) of their choice and their cosplay photo will be posted on our Cosplay Wall of Fame until next years cosplay contest winner is announced. We will also submit their information and photo to other cosplay blogs and articles to help them get more exposure! The prize (which will be big) for the contest in June will be announced at the same time the dates are announced on 2/22/2017.



* is a blog and online retailer of colored contacts and cosplay wigs. Besides providing quality products to our customers and subscribers we provide helpful articles, videos, and info-graphics to help our community. We will always state if we do not own the media material on our articles*


* has the right to change any contest rules or regulations if situations arise. Contestants will be notified if this occurs. By entering any contest held by you agree to all terms and conditions.




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