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The OA Season One (Did my best not to spoil anything)

Just as many of you around the world, I too got sucked into the great wide world of the Netflix series, The OA. The constant back and forth mystery of the show is what kept me reaching for the remote every time I got comfortable in my California king size bed. As much suspense as the show created, there were moments when I felt like quitting the show altogether. This was primarily due to the semi arousing, elongated cliff hangers (which would pop up mid show) accompanied by somewhat childlike scenes displayed scarcely throughout the series. Ultimately the suspense and positive energy the show creates drew me in. Then just like that, I became a fan.

the oa
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The story of Prairie Johnson is one of innocence turned tragic turned angelic. This is a genius character story line because so much of an audience can relate to a similar path. The portion of the audience which can’t relate will empathize for Prairie, this creates a win win for the writers. Brit Marling, which plays Prairie Johnson is actually one of the writers so it makes it that much more awesome!

the oa
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Cliff Hanger Syndrome

The one thing that absolutely drove me nuts about this show were the elongated cliff hangers. Even when many of the cliff hangers were revealed they weren’t really explained. This was another brilliant writing technique to keep viewers engaged and salivating for the next episode. After finishing the series there were so many questions left unanswered. The ultimate goal was accomplished because I am already catching myself constantly checking for news articles for a release date for season two.

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Photo Credit: http://www.slashfilm.com/the-oa-ending/

Mind Hacks

This show creates confusion for the audience and some of the characters. When Prairie Johnson returns to the town she grew up in she selects five people to help her travel into another dimension. While watching the series I sort of felt like I was one of the five selected. This was probably due to the fact that they were just on edge as I was with all the cliff hanger moments. That was definitely a cool aspect of the show. Relating to characters always pulls the emotions of the audience into the show. Once the writers have you there it’s pretty much check mate.


The Future

So everyone is looking for answers to the question of Netflix committing to season two. I personally cannot see Netflix not doing a season two. I have said this about other shows that were well received and were never returned. The OA  is comparable to the show Stranger Things in terms of how well both were received by the Netflix audience. The two shows are also a little similar with having to do with traveling through dimensions and the sci-fi aspect they carry . Stanger Things has already officially been called back for a second season. The similarity that both shows have may be an issue with The OA coming back for a second round. I believe they are more different than similar and hope to see OA and her travel into her unknown dimension.



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