Cosplay Like a Boss Tutorials

Cosplay Tutorials

Cosplay Like a Boss Tutorials

Hello my lovelys. I have been kept far away in a dungeon for the past 3 weeks due to life getting in the way. Isn’t life so grand to always just come in and scoot it’s big butt right in the middle of your everyday routine and cry out for attention?  I apologize for my absence but I can assure you it was excused.  I am coming back today with a little quick article plus video of cosplay tutorials provided by “Youtube Nation” on some different resources to help us all cosplay like a boss.


The short video included in this article goes over different cosplayers that create great cosplay tutorials for you. These tutorials range from beginner to novice level, so there’s a good amount of help for everyone. Without further ado, here is the video.



Video Review

As you can see from the video there are many different aspects to creating your cosplay. These cosplay tutorials will definitely help anyone step their game up. Obviously the easiest thing to do would be to purchase an already made costume but that would take out the creative portion of cosplay. The people who make their own costumes and put the time in the creation of their cosplays are the ones who keep this niche going. To be apart of that is something special. Good luck everyone!



People and Groups Featured in The Video


Nerdiest- Youtube-Just Cos- Traveling Cosplayers

Strawburry17- Youtube-Garment Specialist

Lex- Specialist

Michelle Phan- Youtube-Makeup Specialist


Video & Image Credit: YoutubeNation

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