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Colored Contacts Affiliate Program

Welcome to colored contacts affiliate program. This is the first affiliate program that we have put together and it is pretty awesome. There are several benefits to the program and we will go into a few details explaining how to the program works.



The Nuts and Bolts


The way our program works is through unique affiliate tracking links. After signing up you will gain access to your own personalized dashboard. In this dashboard you will see four tabs and the last tab is titled “Affiliate Links”. This is how we track all of your sales and commissions. With the dashboard you can see exactly how many visits, sales and how much commission you’ve made from your link.

We payout every month as long as you hit the minimum threshold of $20 per month in commission. This is very easy to hit because we offer a 25% commission per sale. Our average sale is roughly $28.00 so your commission for this sale would be $7. You’d only need 3 sales to meet the minimum threshold to receive your commission. If you don’t make it the first month (which you will) your commission carries over to the next month and you are very likely to hit it the next month. We pay out using Paypal so make sure you sign up for a Paypal account if you don’t already have one.




Bonus Contact Lens Commission


Didn’t I tell you this program was sweet? So we threw this awesome incentive in the mix since all of you love contacts. For ever 5 sales you’ve made(which you can track with your dashboard) you get 1 free pair of contacts from our site. Any pair it doesn’t matter. Oh yeah, there currently isn’t a cap on this so take advantage while this promotion lasts.


How Do I get sales?


You use your social media outlets and post your unique links. You do not need a website to do this. I have many cosplayers who get tons of social media attention that is going to kill with this program. You can post in Facebook groups as well. There are many ways to be successful at this program. Youtube is a huge tool as well.




Where do I Sign Up?


Simply click on this link to sign up Affiliate Program .  Once you’ve signed up you will receive an email to access your dashboard and you will see the tabs previously mentioned in this article. After that you can start using your unique link and start earning money and contacts. Good luck!




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