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Hello loyal readers, fans, and followers of the Magic Blog. This is my first official article for Magicangeleyes.com and I have the honor of posting an interview I conducted with the lovely, beautiful and brilliant, Brit Bliss. Quick bio on Brit Bliss. Beautiful cosplayer from the midwest. Nerdy, sexy, smart. Very versatile when it comes to cosplaying characters and one of the most down to earth girls I’ve ever interviewed. So without further ado, here is the interview.


*Start of Interview*

Jake: Welcome Brit! I know you’re always super busy so I’d like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Any major cons coming up that you’re prepping for?


Brit Bliss: This year, I’m going to be attending one of the largest shows in the US, Salt Lake FanX, and I’m really excited about that one. I’ll also be attending most of the Wizard World shows for the rest of the year.


Jake: Okay, so we had some research experts try to get some info on you to assist for this interview but it appears you keep a tight lip when it comes to your personal life. Is this accurate?


Brit Bliss: Yes, I really do. I let a lot of my personality out for people to see, but as far as the personal details of my life, I keep those quiet.


Jake: We were however, able to dig up that you are a “Astronautical Engineering” major at “The” Ohio State University. Beauty and brains, you can’t beat that. So, I take it you hate the maze and blue?



Brit Bliss: I’m actually not huge into sports, haha! If I’m playing the sport, I can get into it. Other than that, I’m the kind of girl that would go to a football game to watch the marching band, especially since I was in it in high school.


Jake: Back to cosplay. It appears you started cosplaying back in 2014. What exactly got you into cosplay?


Brit Bliss: I actually had a friend suggest it. He knew that I knew how to sew and that being nerdy has always been part of who I am. When he suggested it, I started making costumes, starting with Tifa!


Jake: What is your favorite character to cosplay up to this point and why?


Brit Bliss: My favorite has to be Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. She’s this incredibly sassy character, and I feel awesome whenever I walk around in that costume. It’s funny that a DC character is my favorite to wear since I’m a Marvel girl all the way.


Jake: So, we know you’ve modeled before and have been in Maxim magazine. Has cosplay elevated your star status in terms of more people knowing who you are from before doing cosplay?


Brit Bliss: Cosplay has definitely helped, and I think it’s because it’s shown people more of my personality. Before, I was just a face. Now, they get an idea of who I am and the things I like by the costumes I make.


Jake: This one is for all the fellas. Is there a special person in your life or are you too busy to be committed to anyone?


Brit Bliss: In my opinion, you’re never too busy to have a good relationship. And yes, I am happily taken. Sorry, guys.


Jake: If you could be any one character from any movie, show, or video game who would it be and why?


Brit Bliss:  It’s actually one of my life goals to have a video game character modeled after me, personality-wise and physically. But, if I had to choose someone else, it would be Catwoman, and that has to be just because I love cats and her personality so much.


Jake: What has been your all-time favorite con you’ve attended?


Brit Bliss: It was probably Wizard World Philadelphia last year. The show had amazing cosplay guests attending, and the atmosphere there was just so amazing. The crowd was wonderful, and I got to meet a lot of fans that I hadn’t met before.


Jake: Thanks so much for answering all of our questions Brit! Good luck on the rest of your cons this year.


*End of Interview*




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