Contacts for Halloween

contacts for Halloween

Contacts for Halloween

When purchasing contacts for Halloween be sure to research the retailer. Many companies are selling products that are not FDA approved. It is not wise to purchase Halloween contacts at your local gas station or beauty supply. If you do purchase Halloween contacts at a convenience store or beauty salon it would be wise to check if the product is FDA approved. Look for the FDA logo somewhere on the casing of the product. This is not a guarantee that the product is in fact FDA approved as some companies can just falsely claim a FDA product by slapping on a copy of the FDA logo.


Halloween Designs

Another thing to be careful with when purchasing contacts for Halloween are the designs.  Many companies create Halloween contacts are far off from the marketed design. For example, some of the white out designs may come a little brownish. This error in manufacturing can throw your Halloween costume off completely. Check out reviews and also contribute and write reviews to help the next person that needs help.


FDA Approved Halloween Contacts

You can find a large list of FDA approved Halloween contacts here


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