Exclusive Exclusive Brit Bliss Interview

brit bliss interview

Hello loyal readers, fans, and followers of the Magic Blog. This is my first official article for Magicangeleyes.com and I have the honor of posting an interview I conducted with the lovely, beautiful and brilliant, Brit Bliss. Quick bio on Brit Bliss. Beautiful cosplayer from the midwest. Nerdy, sexy, smart. Very versatile when it comes […]

Costume Wigs be like Whoa

COSTUME WIGS colored contacts

So we all know there are main physical attributes that you have to get down to pull off an amazing cosplay. The two main topics are always hair and eyes. Costume wigs and colored contacts can fix that issue really quickly. Furthermore, these attributes stand out the most because most cosplays have very distinctive physical traits.  For […]

White Out Contacts for Cosplay Ideas

zombie contacts colored contacts costume contacts

White Out Contacts So this is the 3rd and final article regarding standard solid costume contacts vs sclera lenses. We went over red contacts and black out contacts in the first 2 parts now we will discuss some cosplay ideas and when to use the standard vs when to use the sclera white out contacts. White […]