Exclusive Exclusive Brit Bliss Interview

brit bliss interview

Hello loyal readers, fans, and followers of the Magic Blog. This is my first official article for Magicangeleyes.com and I have the honor of posting an interview I conducted with the lovely, beautiful and brilliant, Brit Bliss. Quick bio on Brit Bliss. Beautiful cosplayer from the midwest. Nerdy, sexy, smart. Very versatile when it comes to cosplaying characters and one of the most down to earth girls I’ve ever interviewed. So without further ado, here is the interview.


*Start of Interview*

Jake: Welcome Brit! I know you’re always super busy so I’d like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Any major cons coming up that you’re prepping for?


Brit Bliss: This year, I’m going to be attending one of the largest shows in the US, Salt Lake FanX, and I’m really excited about that one. I’ll also be attending most of the Wizard World shows for the rest of the year.


Jake: Okay, so we had some research experts try to get some info on you to assist for this interview but it appears you keep a tight lip when it comes to your personal life. Is this accurate?


Brit Bliss: Yes, I really do. I let a lot of my personality out for people to see, but as far as the personal details of my life, I keep those quiet.


Jake: We were however, able to dig up that you are a “Astronautical Engineering” major at “The” Ohio State University. Beauty and brains, you can’t beat that. So, I take it you hate the maze and blue?



Brit Bliss: I’m actually not huge into sports, haha! If I’m playing the sport, I can get into it. Other than that, I’m the kind of girl that would go to a football game to watch the marching band, especially since I was in it in high school.


Jake: Back to cosplay. It appears you started cosplaying back in 2014. What exactly got you into cosplay?


Brit Bliss: I actually had a friend suggest it. He knew that I knew how to sew and that being nerdy has always been part of who I am. When he suggested it, I started making costumes, starting with Tifa!


Jake: What is your favorite character to cosplay up to this point and why?


Brit Bliss: My favorite has to be Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. She’s this incredibly sassy character, and I feel awesome whenever I walk around in that costume. It’s funny that a DC character is my favorite to wear since I’m a Marvel girl all the way.


Jake: So, we know you’ve modeled before and have been in Maxim magazine. Has cosplay elevated your star status in terms of more people knowing who you are from before doing cosplay?


Brit Bliss: Cosplay has definitely helped, and I think it’s because it’s shown people more of my personality. Before, I was just a face. Now, they get an idea of who I am and the things I like by the costumes I make.


Jake: This one is for all the fellas. Is there a special person in your life or are you too busy to be committed to anyone?


Brit Bliss: In my opinion, you’re never too busy to have a good relationship. And yes, I am happily taken. Sorry, guys.


Jake: If you could be any one character from any movie, show, or video game who would it be and why?


Brit Bliss:  It’s actually one of my life goals to have a video game character modeled after me, personality-wise and physically. But, if I had to choose someone else, it would be Catwoman, and that has to be just because I love cats and her personality so much.


Jake: What has been your all-time favorite con you’ve attended?


Brit Bliss: It was probably Wizard World Philadelphia last year. The show had amazing cosplay guests attending, and the atmosphere there was just so amazing. The crowd was wonderful, and I got to meet a lot of fans that I hadn’t met before.


Jake: Thanks so much for answering all of our questions Brit! Good luck on the rest of your cons this year.


*End of Interview*




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Make Money be Rad

colored contacts affiliate

Colored Contacts Affiliate Program

Welcome to Magicangeleyes.com colored contacts affiliate program. This is the first affiliate program that we have put together and it is pretty awesome. There are several benefits to the program and we will go into a few details explaining how to the program works.



The Nuts and Bolts


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How Do I get sales?


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Where do I Sign Up?


Simply click on this link to sign up Affiliate Program .  Once you’ve signed up you will receive an email to access your dashboard and you will see the tabs previously mentioned in this article. After that you can start using your unique link and start earning money and contacts. Good luck!




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Cosplay Like a Boss Tutorials

Cosplay Tutorials

Cosplay Like a Boss Tutorials

Hello my lovelys. I have been kept far away in a dungeon for the past 3 weeks due to life getting in the way. Isn’t life so grand to always just come in and scoot it’s big butt right in the middle of your everyday routine and cry out for attention?  I apologize for my absence but I can assure you it was excused.  I am coming back today with a little quick article plus video of cosplay tutorials provided by “Youtube Nation” on some different resources to help us all cosplay like a boss.


The short video included in this article goes over different cosplayers that create great cosplay tutorials for you. These tutorials range from beginner to novice level, so there’s a good amount of help for everyone. Without further ado, here is the video.



Video Review

As you can see from the video there are many different aspects to creating your cosplay. These cosplay tutorials will definitely help anyone step their game up. Obviously the easiest thing to do would be to purchase an already made costume but that would take out the creative portion of cosplay. The people who make their own costumes and put the time in the creation of their cosplays are the ones who keep this niche going. To be apart of that is something special. Good luck everyone!



People and Groups Featured in The Video


Nerdiest- Youtube-Just Cos- Traveling Cosplayers

Strawburry17- Youtube-Garment Specialist

Lex- Madeulookbylex.com-Makeup Specialist

Michelle Phan- Youtube-Makeup Specialist


Video & Image Credit: YoutubeNation

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What the OA?!

the oa

The OA Season One (Did my best not to spoil anything)

Just as many of you around the world, I too got sucked into the great wide world of the Netflix series, The OA. The constant back and forth mystery of the show is what kept me reaching for the remote every time I got comfortable in my California king size bed. As much suspense as the show created, there were moments when I felt like quitting the show altogether. This was primarily due to the semi arousing, elongated cliff hangers (which would pop up mid show) accompanied by somewhat childlike scenes displayed scarcely throughout the series. Ultimately the suspense and positive energy the show creates drew me in. Then just like that, I became a fan.

the oa
Photo Credit: Youtube, AccordingTooYouxx


The story of Prairie Johnson is one of innocence turned tragic turned angelic. This is a genius character story line because so much of an audience can relate to a similar path. The portion of the audience which can’t relate will empathize for Prairie, this creates a win win for the writers. Brit Marling, which plays Prairie Johnson is actually one of the writers so it makes it that much more awesome!

the oa
Photo Credit: http://www.slashfilm.com/the-oa-ending/

Cliff Hanger Syndrome

The one thing that absolutely drove me nuts about this show were the elongated cliff hangers. Even when many of the cliff hangers were revealed they weren’t really explained. This was another brilliant writing technique to keep viewers engaged and salivating for the next episode. After finishing the series there were so many questions left unanswered. The ultimate goal was accomplished because I am already catching myself constantly checking for news articles for a release date for season two.

the oa five movements
Photo Credit: http://www.slashfilm.com/the-oa-ending/

Mind Hacks

This show creates confusion for the audience and some of the characters. When Prairie Johnson returns to the town she grew up in she selects five people to help her travel into another dimension. While watching the series I sort of felt like I was one of the five selected. This was probably due to the fact that they were just on edge as I was with all the cliff hanger moments. That was definitely a cool aspect of the show. Relating to characters always pulls the emotions of the audience into the show. Once the writers have you there it’s pretty much check mate.


The Future

So everyone is looking for answers to the question of Netflix committing to season two. I personally cannot see Netflix not doing a season two. I have said this about other shows that were well received and were never returned. The OA  is comparable to the show Stranger Things in terms of how well both were received by the Netflix audience. The two shows are also a little similar with having to do with traveling through dimensions and the sci-fi aspect they carry . Stanger Things has already officially been called back for a second season. The similarity that both shows have may be an issue with The OA coming back for a second round. I believe they are more different than similar and hope to see OA and her travel into her unknown dimension.



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The 6 Best (Worst) Cosplay Fails of All Time

Cosplay Fails

Welcome back my loyal readers! Today we are going to discuss the top 6 best(worst) cosplay fails of all time. Yes that’s right I said 6. Everyone always does a top 5 or 10 list but I’m doing 6 because I can.

Discussing cosplay fails is always a fun time, this is mainly because as much as we laugh with these people, most of them are doing it for the attention and don’t mind us poking fun. We’ve all seen the really large guy who cosplays a female character and know he is obviously doing it for the giggles. What about the people who actually take their time and make an effort at putting a costume together and it just bombs. We get to laugh with them too and there’s no shame in that because it’s a learning process and they will get better. I want to clarify that we are not here to bully but we are here to have a little laugh so let’s get to it shall we?


Cosplay Fails Top 6

6. My little pony

my little pony cosplay fails
Photo Credit: Ranker.com

Do you guys know what a brony is? This is the definition from whatisabrony.com, “A brony is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that is outside the target demographic of little girls. Most bronies are friendly teenagers and young adults that simply aren’t afraid to admit that they enjoy a show which is innocent, colorful, and funny.” I had no idea that bronies existed and that’s cool if that’s their thing. Bronies unite! I guess..?? Anyhow, this brony is definitely on point with the colors of the My Little Pony Character, the problem is the scary bank robber horse mask they have on.

5. Blanka, Street Fighter

blanka street fighter cosplay fails
Photo Credit: lazerhorse.org

Street Fighter II was the best thing to happen to kids when I was growing up in South Korea. I mean we used to sit at the arcade and put our 100 won up(equivalent to 25 cents) and wait for our turn to play. After the long and strenuous wait, we hope to kick some butt so we didn’t have to get back in line again. It was an addictive vicious cycle. I think the hair is the main thing throwing off the Blanka cosplay here.

4. Wolverine, X-Men

wolverine cosplay fails
Photo Credit: Ranker.com

Waking up Saturday mornings just to catch the X-Men cartoons was worth all of the annoying assignments from school during the week. Banana Wolverine is awesome!

3. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon cosplay fails
Photo Credit: Ranker.com

I get it. People will laugh and hot girls at the cons will wanna take pictures with you. I am pretty sure the goal was accomplished with this cosplay. Now of course every guy would love to see a blonde bombshell cosplay this Sailor Moon character but we’ll take the laughs as a consolation prize.

2. Iron Man

Iron Man cosplay fails
Photo Credit: Ranker.com

This Iron Man cosplay had me dying. You have to love the creativity of the cosplay though. I mean the Christmas gift ribbon is the best part which clearly resembles the light energy building up in Iron Man’s hand.



  1. Optimus Prime



optimus prime cosplay fails
Photo Credit: lazerhorse.org


The guy in this cosplay actually put in effort so lets give credit where credit it due. Cosplaying transformers is extremely hard and unless you have a Hollywood budget the out come will be just like the one above. He should have cosplayed Ken Bone.


Ken Bone





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Amateur Cosplayer? Let’s See Who’s Got the Skills Contest.

x men cosplay

Contest for Free Colored Contacts

Okay, so every year we usually throw a contest for a chance to win a free pair of contacts from our website. Usually, it has more to do with sharing our website a certain number of times to qualify. This time, we want to see your cosplay skills and showcase them for the world to see! We deal with well known cosplayers that actually get paid to travel to various conventions and some of them we have actually sponsored in the past. What makes them so much more skilled than you, the average cosplayer? I think many of you guys can hang with some on these “celebrity” cosplayers. Let’s show the world what you guys are made of and who knows, it could spark something inside of you to take your cosplays to the next level!


First, we will go over some of our past cosplayers whom we’ve sponsored here so you have a feel of the level of expertise that they have. Next, we will show you some of our customers who have submitted and won a couple of our past contests. Finally, we will go over the rules of this contest. The coolest thing about this contest is we are going to pick a winner per country as long as there are enough submissions from each respective country. Then, for the second part of the contest, we will have a show down among all the finalists!  The Grand Prize will go to the best cosplayer in the world! I guess you could sort of call it a street fighter of cosplay. That being said, lets get started.


Past Celebrity Cosplayers We’ve Sponsored

Soni Aralynn- Zelda Cosplay

Magicangeleyes cosplayer

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/sonilovesyoutoo/photos/

This girl is amazing! I have personally seen her cosplay career take off in the last year. She is based out of Georgia and is requested to travel all over the world. In addition to her being an amazing cosplayer, she is an amazing person as well. As you can see from her cosplay, she puts a lot of time and effort into her creation. She actually made this outfit herself!


Brittany Bliss AKA Brit Bliss

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/TheBritBliss/photos

Brit Bliss was another cosplayer we loved sponsoring. It was a brief sponsorship, but she was really cool and easy to work with. This beauty hails from the state of Ohio, and I believe, was a Buckeye at one point. Beauty and brains, can’t beat that!.


Past Customer Contest Winners

x men cosplay

halloween contacts


These were the latest winners for our Halloween costume contest. They both received a free pair of Costume contacts and their costumes were amazing.


Rules are Rules are Rules are Rules


Okay, so lets get down to the skinny shall we? Here are the rules to the contest.

  • Submissions

All submissions must include the following in order to qualify:

-Two different pictures of your cosplay, your name & location, and a brief history about yourself and how you got involved with cosplay.

-Share this article! We would like to pick a winner for each country that has submissions. In order for the country to be qualified, we need to have at least a minimum of 10 submissions per country. This gives us a chance to be fair and judge for effort and precision. So the easiest way to qualify your country so you can submit your entry is to share the mess out of this article!  Once we receive the minimum amount of submissions for your country, we will notify you that your submission is now qualified for the contest. We will run a world champion cosplayer contest in June. All of the winners from each country will be able to submit one more cosplay submission. Send all submissions to info@magicangeleyes.com

  • The Dates

This contest will run from 1/12/2017 through 2/12/2017 and submissions after the last date listed will not qualify. Winners will be announced on 2/22/2017. The dates for the world cosplay contest will be announced when the winners are announced for this contest.

  • The Prize

The winners for each country involved will receive 3 free pairs of our costume lenses ($75 Value) of their choice and their cosplay photo will be posted on our Cosplay Wall of Fame until next years cosplay contest winner is announced. We will also submit their information and photo to other cosplay blogs and articles to help them get more exposure! The prize (which will be big) for the contest in June will be announced at the same time the dates are announced on 2/22/2017.



*Magicangeleyes.com is a blog and online retailer of colored contacts and cosplay wigs. Besides providing quality products to our customers and subscribers we provide helpful articles, videos, and info-graphics to help our community. We will always state if we do not own the media material on our articles*


*Magicangeleyes.com has the right to change any contest rules or regulations if situations arise. Contestants will be notified if this occurs. By entering any contest held by magicangeleyes.com you agree to all terms and conditions.




Costume Wigs be like Whoa

COSTUME WIGS colored contacts

So we all know there are main physical attributes that you have to get down to pull off an amazing cosplay. The two main topics are always hair and eyes. Costume wigs and colored contacts can fix that issue really quickly. Furthermore, these attributes stand out the most because most cosplays have very distinctive physical traits.  For example if you were to cosplay Selene from the Underworld series then you would know that you need short black hair with glowing blue eyes. Storm from X-Men which we mention a lot on our blog, is a cosplay that cannot be done unless you have the white wig along with the white eyes.

Choosing a costume wig shouldn’t be too difficult considering you have many photos of the characters to go off of so even if the wig doesn’t match perfect you can possibly alter the wig to match much closer. Youtube is our best friend with anything DIY and when it comes to costume wigs it is a life saver. Lets go over some cool tips and tricks when modifying some cosplay wigs.

Costume Wigs DIY Videos

Pony Tail Wig

Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. You cannot use this to do more than one ponytail, otherwise it’ll pull the hair apart and show the wefting and your real hair underneath the wig.
2. The wig she’s using is Arda Silky Luthien in Carnation
3. You can use this for a ponytail in any position – higher, lower, or to the side as long as you’re careful with brushing!
Video Credit: Socksy Cosplay, Youtube


Sombra Wig Styling


Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. This tutorial will show you how to style a wig for Sombra from overwatch
2. The wig was bought locally in South Africa
3. This is a complete wig modification
Video Credit: Kinpatsu, Youtube


Yarn Wig Tutorial


Here’s a couple of FAQ’s about this tutorial

1. This tutorial will show you how to make a wig from scratch. Complete DIY.
2. Materials needed: Surface to brush yarn, Wire brush, Needle & Thread, Scissors, Weaving cap, 100% Acrylic Yarn, and a Straightener
3. Talk about DIY. The end product was the bees knees!
Video Credit: Kinpatsu, Youtube



Rather than pull your actual hair out, shoot over to Youtube to check out many more tutorials on altering cosplay or costume wigs. As a result of reading this article you should now have an idea or at least a sense of direction when it comes to doing DIY wigs. Most of all, your knowledge of costume wig selection has grown even if it is by a small margin. If you only take one thing from this article it should be that costume wigs are a must. While you can modify your actual hair and make it look the hair of the cosplay you are doing, remember that it is only for this event or season you are doing the cosplay.


In conclusion, even though these video tutorials are top notch, I always encourage cosplayers to put their own little twist on whatever part of the cosplay they create themselves. In addition, creating a cosplay that looks exactly like everyone’s version is boring. Consequently, this can sometimes pull you away too far from what the actual character looks like. In my humble opinion art has no boundaries so if it takes you far away from what the cosplay is “supposed” to look like then I say follow your heart. Either way you will be happy with the result in the end with this thought process.


Youtuber’s Info by order of videos:

1. Socksy Cosplay:

2. Kinspatsu:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/KinpatsuCosplay
Twitter – https://twitter.com/KinpatsuCosplay
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kinpatsucos…

3. Kind of Derp:

Redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sylar…
Derp’s Tumblr: http://derpkind.tumblr.com/
Derp’s instagram: http://instagram/derpkind#

*Magicangeleyes.com is a blog and online retailer of colored contacts and cosplay wigs. Besides providing quality products to our customers and subscribers we provide helpful articles, videos, and info-graphics to help our community. We will always state if we do not own the media material on our articles*

White Out Contacts for Cosplay Ideas

zombie contacts colored contacts costume contacts

White Out Contacts

So this is the 3rd and final article regarding standard solid costume contacts vs sclera lenses. We went over red contacts and black out contacts in the first 2 parts now we will discuss some cosplay ideas and when to use the standard vs when to use the sclera white out contacts.

White out contacts are the most popular of the 3 main solid color costume lenses. There are just far more characters to use white eyes with. One of the most famous cosplays to use white out contacts with is Storm from X-Men. When cosplaying Storm, you must get the white eyes portion down or it will literally kill the entire cosplay.

Another cosplay that some people use white out contacts for is The Walking Dead  zombie. I personally think you could use other costume contacts such as blind design contacts to pull the look off a little better. Many people just settle with the regular white out contacts  and the look doesn’t come off as realistic. You’ll see what I mean when we go over the examples in a bit.

Batman is another one that people could use white out contacts with. Due to the fact that most of the physical eye shown in a Batman cosplay shows only white, sclera lenses may do the best job for this specific cosplay. Lets take a look of some of the examples we just discussed in the following pictures.


Example Pictures

Storm, X-Men

White out contacts
Photo Credit: http://fashionablygeek.com/costumes/storm-cosplay-electrifying/


Besides the fact that this cosplay looks like she could kick anyone’s ass and is in fact actually Storm from X-Men, I think the White Out Contacts helped with the finishing touches. Damn good job here. How many sit ups a day does she do? Geez!?!


The Walking Dead, Zombies

White contacts Walking Dead Zombie
1. Photo Credit: http://www.blastr.com/2014-10-9/celebrate-return-walking-dead-these-40-awesome-zombie-cosplayers 2. Photo Credit: http://www.mcmbuzz.com/blog/2013/09/18/dead-popular-new-walking-dead-companion-series-announced/


The zombie on the right used the standard white out lenses and the one on the left used similar ones to the Blind contacts I mentioned earlier in the article. As you can see the left zombie looks more realistic and I think for sure it has to do with the eyes. The left one is most likely from the set of the show, but it just shows if you want to get as close as possible then go with the blind contacts.


white contacts batman
Photo credit: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=195898541


As you can see in the above picture you can’t see anything but white when looking at his eyes. When researching this, Batman seemed to be the perfect character to use white out contacts with. What I actually found was that most people just create white eyes into the mask and not with contacts. You could use the standard contacts here but most likely the sclera ones would look the best. However, there seems to be a lot of feedback stating that with sclera lenses it is almost impossible to see, so you might as well go with the standard or just building the white eyes into the mask. There are so many other cosplays to use white contacts with all you have to do is a simple google search and you’ll find a ton of ideas.


Final Thoughts

Now that we have completed our 3 part series of using solid color standard costume contacts vs sclera lenses we hope that you have some more insight on which style lenses to choose for which cosplays or costumes. Sclera lenses are great when the part you are playing calls for it, just remember they are super expensive so always count them into your budget.



*Magicangeleyes.com is a blog and online retailer of colored contacts and costume wigs. Besides providing quality products to our customers and subscribers we provide helpful articles, videos, and info-graphics to help our community. We will always state if we do not own the media material on our articles*


Red Contacts & When to Use Them

red contacts colored contacts

So last week we discussed when it was appropriate to use regular black contacts vs sclera black lenses. Today we will discuss the same topic but we will go over red contacts and some variations of red contacts. We will also give some examples of some characters to cosplay with red contacts.

Red Contacts 101

Red contact lenses actually have much more of a variety when it comes to selection than any other solid color lenses. For example, if you were to cosplay the Naruto characters then almost every eye color would be red with a design in it. There are purple lenses as well in the sharingan collection but I believe it is only the one swirly design. Many people use red cat contacts for Halloween with their costumes. The sclera lenses aren’t as popular when it comes to red contacts, they are more for the black out and white out lenses. Let’s go over some examples with pictures of what I am talking about.


Image Examples

Death Note, Shinigami Eyes

Red contacts Shinigami Eyes
Photo Credit: http://deathnote.wikia.com/wiki/Shinigami_Eyes

The story behind the red contacts in this character is really cool. Shinigami gives humans “Shinigami Eyes” in exchange of half the human’s remaining lifespan. This is the closest character I could find to use the sclera lenses for. As you can see in the image there still is a good amount of white you can see in her eyes.


Karuga, Inyuasha

Red contacts Kagura
Photo Credit:http://inuyasha.wikia.com/wiki/Kagura


With this character you would definitely use the regular red contact lenses. The scleras would not work for this specific cosplay.


Black Lady, Sailor Moon


Again, you would simply use the regular red contacts for this character as well. During researching red sclera lenses what I mostly found were demon character cosplays that used them.


As stated in the previous article on black contacts, the two main differences in regular contacts and sclera are of course the size coverage of the eye and the price. If you can save a good amount of money and your cosplay doesn’t call for the coverage stick with the regular lenses. Don’t over think your cosplays and go with your gut instinct.


We will be going over the white lenses for our next article. There are some pretty cool designs such as: Blind contacts & Manson lenses. Stay tuned.




Black Contacts Make for Great Cosplays

When people are first starting out cosplaying they have a hard time figuring out which character to cosplay. Many times the character they initially want to choose doesn’t end up being who they cosplay due to not having the correct materials or accessories to create the costume. We will be doing a a series of blogs that helps you the cosplayer, figure out which contacts go best with which characters. Today’s tip is black contacts.

Black Contacts Examples

Jorougomo from xxxHolic

Photo Credit-http://xxxholic.wikia.com/wiki/Jorougumo

Black Contacts


So this character looks like you would need the black out sclera lenses. These lenses actually black out your entire eye. There is no part that will not be black. Sclera lenses are much pricier than regular black contacts. They average from anywhere from $80-$160 depending on the retailer.


Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

Photo Credit- Crunchyroll.com

black contacts naruto


You can get away with using the standard black out contacts with this character. The price range for standard black contacts is $20-$50 a pair. This is for sure the cheapest route to go if you want to do a character with black eyes.


Sunako Kirishiki

Photo Credit-http://shiki.wikia.com/wiki/Sunako_Kirishiki

black contacts sclera

 For sure you would need to use the sclera lenses for this character. Sunako’s eyes are perfect with the sclera lenses and I don’t think there would be any possible way for you to pull off the standard black contacts with this one.

 We have reviewed some different characters that you can use black contacts with. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of which cosplays to use the standard black contacts with and which to use the sclera contacts with. If you don’t select the right black contacts it could mess your entire cosplay up. Stay tuned for next week’s blog going over which cosplays to use red contacts with.

 *Magicangeleyes.com is a blog and online retailer of colored contacts and costume wigs. Besides providing quality products to our customers and subscribers we provide helpful articles, videos, and info-graphics to help our community. We will always state if we do not own the media material on our articles*