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Mermaid Seashell Bra Cosplay Tutorial

This cosplay tutorial was created by Pro-Shower-Singer! While a bit lengthy, it will teach you how to create your own mermaid seashell bra! The results are absolutely beautiful! This tutorial is in two parts, but the results are totally worth it for a mermaid costume! For something a little more special to add to your […]

Steampunk Bracelet Cosplay Tutorial

Hey all! Brief introduction to who I am… My cosplay alias is Yunie and I run another blog on my own, plus write for a couple others including this one! 😀 I hope to bring you interviews and tutorials to introduce you to some new ideas from the awesome costuming community I get the pleasure […]

Costume Wigs be like Whoa

COSTUME WIGS colored contacts

So we all know there are main physical attributes that you have to get down to pull off an amazing cosplay. The two main topics are always hair and eyes. Costume wigs and colored contacts can fix that issue really quickly. Furthermore, these attributes stand out the most because most cosplays have very distinctive physical traits.  For […]